Only Kill A Tree After You’ve Tried Saving It

Atlanta is famous for its urban forest and the attention that trees receive from locals. However, trees can get sick, as the years go by. They can suffer from parasite infestations, they can be threatened by pests or even by manmade structures, such as power lines.

Most people would choose to cut down a tree when it starts to degrade, in order to minimize the risk of both property damage and personal harm. However, this is never a good idea, as the tree may still be in good enough condition to be saved.

beautiful tree in a field

Any tree service in Atlanta can cut down a tree, but it can also offer a few, more environment friendly options, such as:

  • Nursing the tree back to health;
  • Trimming and pruning branches, in order to stop them from causing property damage;
  • Pest control;
  • Stump removal;

Save trees in order to save yourself

Trees are essential to human life in more ways than one. They produce oxygen, cool down the air around them, regulate humidity and provide shelter for various birds and animals. Cutting them down should always be a last resort, not a first solution.

Contact tree services and arborists in your area in order to find out what can be done for or with any trees that you own and want to get rid of, or that have started degrading. They will send a specialist over in order to assess the situation, after which he will present you with options that that presume saving the tree, rather than cutting it down.